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June 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

June 2020 Newsletter 

                                      PROBUS CLUB OF WHITE ROCK & SOUTH SURREY ​                                             General Meeting Wednesday June 10, 2020                                                                   Zoom Meeting NO. 2 Speaker:   Mr. Justice Wally Oppal Wally Oppal is a lawyer with a QC – Queen’s Counsel, former Attorney General, Order of BC, the head of two Commissions of Inquiry and most recently head of the Transition Team to replace the RCMP with its own police force in Surrey. Wally’s talk was on Policing and Community safety in todays unique times. As a student in the 60’s he remembers the time of Vietnam protests and the civil rights movement as the best decade because of the changes that happened. But those times pale in comparison to today’s worldwide protest against Police abuse of minorities, the poor and people of colour.  The lack of accountability in the US police has had them acting with impunity. There is a stark difference between the policing model in the US and Canada, although he acknowledged that there is work to do in Canada to solve the problem of systemic racism in Canada. The biggest difference is the lack of accountability and civilian oversite of police forces in the US.  In addition, US police forces are recruiting from the military while Canada requires post secondary education.  The Police in BC are held to account by the Independent Police Complaint Commissioner who oversees an independent investigation of Police incidents with retired Judges who act as Adjudicators, Wally being one.  There is no such monitoring of Police conduct in the US and in many cases the power is held by the Police Unions.  George Floyd’s death was perpetrated by a Police member who had 17 prior complaints against him.  No Police member with that many complaints against him would still be a member in Canada.  Policing in a Democracy should have 2 characteristics:  1.     Police have to be accountable to Civilian oversight and authority. 2.     Police must operate independently on all operational matters (no one should be able to interfere in an investigation).  The session ended with a lively Q&A session which included a question on the possible outcome of the changeover to a Surrey Police force from the RCMP.  Wally says it will not likely be blocked by the Province because the request came as a unanimous vote of council.

                           Management committee and Activities reports Membership - Bob reported that we have 77 paid up members. No new members since the lockdown Probus Connections – over the last months has contacted members and encouraged people to stay active in the Club.  The group will go into hiatus until September.  This group is unique to our Club and has been a great success. Golf Group – The golf group is starting up with 17 members showing interest and 10 playing at Morgan Creek June 25th   with appropriate precautions in place.  Nicowynd and Newlands are possibilities for July and August. Gathering after in a restaurant afterwards is a possibility. Contact Frank Palmer if you are interested. Book Club – The book club is meeting weekly via Zoom, but discussing a specific book every 2 weeks and having general discussion on alternate weeks. If you are interested contact Bill Jones. Investment Group – The investment Group does not meet in the summer and meeting via Zoom in the fall may be an option. Movie & Dinner Group – The local theaters are open again and restarting this group will be examined. Walking Group – Al is working on putting together an acceptable restart/safety plan as well as Walking Schedule. The group could be up and walking by the end of June. Special Activities Wants to Know: Would you be interested in Zoom meetings about:  1.     Who is that Man? Featuring members and their histories and/or 2.     Travel Information? Featuring travel ideas in the time of this pandemic. and/or 3.     Joining a Book Club? and/or 4.     Meeting regularly to discuss the events of the day? Perhaps as a Zoom coffee meeting. Your views are  important please respond to Barry Gaynor with your feedback. Also Barry can help you if you have experiencing difficulties using Zoom.                                        This months Zoom meeting was a great success!   After Bernie Saunders endorsed Joe Biden over live-streamed video, Jimmy Kimmel said “That’s a very powerful message for the country-if two 80 year old men can successfully log into a Zoom meeting, anything is possible.”  Clearly Jimmy doesn’t know about our Probus club where the attendance at our last meeting was 56. Pretty good considering at Hazelmere our maximum meeting was 50! 

                                           Quote of the Month                                            Sometimes I lie awake at night, and ask, 'Where have                                                 I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me,                                                 This is going to take more than one night.' Charles M Schulz

    Smiles and Chuckles ​                         You may have to pause the slideshow to read the captions

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