golf Group

For members only – Monthly April - September.  

Probus Golf Group activities will be getting underway for 2021 in April.  Outings during the following months will take place at Nico Wynd and other potential locations such as Surrey Golf Course, Morgan Creek, Country Meadows and Poppy Estates.


Based on those who participated in this group activity last year, plus a few who have since indicated an interest, we have potentially 25 members of the group at present. We welcome any Probus Club member with an interest in golf to join the group; this does not commit you to anything. It simply means that as a member of the group you will be kept aware of when and where these outings will take place as well as having an opportunity to take part whenever you choose. The messages about our specific activities will go out ONLY to members of the golf group.


If you are on the list of group members from last year you will remain there unless you advise me, the coordinator, otherwise. If you have NOT put yourself on that list and would like to participate, please contact Frank


For more information contact the Coordinator  Frank Palmer.