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Congratulations to Bill Jones for winning the hard fought 2023 Probus Golf Group Tournament 


The Probus Club Golf Group is a group of members who have identified a desire to take part  in some golf activity with other members during the summer months, or at least be made aware of the current and ongoing golfing activities, even though they may not actively participate on a regular basis. Being part of the Golf Group does not require any member to participate in any of the events. No costs are involved in being part of the Golf Group. Costs are incurred only when members participate in a specific event, i.e. green fees, cart fees, etc. 


At the start of the season, the Coordinator canvasses all members to determine who wants to be part of the Golf Group for the year. Only members of the Golf Group receive the emails/notices throughout the year as to the specifics of planned golf activities. The only exception to this is the Annual Probus Club Golf Tournament, for which notices and information goes out to all club members.


The monthly golfing activities begin in April of each year and operates through September or even October if weather conditions permit. The golf events are 9 hole affairs which normally get underway in mid-afternoon, followed by food and refreshments, as available, at the course being played. 


The normal golf day is the 4th Thursday of each month [identified on the Club Activities Calendar], with group members being advised of each event approx. 2-3 weeks in advance by the coordinator, with follow-up calls for involvement up to a few days before the event. The ‘go-to’ location has become Nico Wynd Golf 


Any Probus Club member wishing to take part in the Golf Group activities or at least being placed on the mailing list, should contact the coordinator, Frank Palmer, at any time.

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