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Probus member Ken Nowlan has set up a Probus Pickleball group (in conjunction with the Surrey Pickleball Club).   The group is off to a good start with about six Probus members joining Ken in the initial sessions.  The group is still looking for more members who would like to try Pickleball (no experience required). The group currently meets every  Tuesdays  at the Peace Portal Alliance Church (152nd and King George) in their gym.


Conduct a one-off session introducing pickleball to those Probus members who have not yet played pickleball and may be interested in learning about and playing pickleball.  



  • 4-12 members

  • No previous pickleball experience



  • 2 hour session where the basics of playing pickleball will be introduced, some education

  • rules and time to play several games



  • Each attendee will be required to obtain a Pickleball Canada membership ($12.50 annually) in order to obtain player’s insurance.  

  • Pickleball Canada Membership can be obtained at this <<link>>


Equipment Needed:

  • Pickleball paddles and balls will be provided by Ken Nowlan

  • Players should wear sports clothing (e.g. tennis clothing) and wear court shoes (preferably indoor court shoes)

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