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David Cooperstone-New Member.jpg
Bob de Witt-New Member.jpg
2024-02-14 John Ritchie.jpg
2024-02-11 Walking group.jpg
2023-11 New Member Harrod & McNutt.jpg
2024-1-7 First walk of the year.jpg
2023-11 New Member O'Dawd, Hick, MacLean.jpg
2023-12-17 in White Rock - Walkers.jpg
2023-11-12 Sunday Morning walking Group.jpg
2023-11 Speaker Percy Smith.jpg
2023-11 Monthly Meeting.jpg
2023-10-27 Drinks & Appies Social -2.jpg
2023-10-27 Drinks & Appies Social -1.jpg
New Member Bob Booth.jpg
Cranberry Harvest 23-10-01 P1.jpg
Wednesday Morning Coffee Aug 30, 2023.jpg
Township 7 Visit Aug 31.jpg
Probus Engineers Complete Project July 23, 2023 2.jpg
Probus Engineers Complete Project On Time On Budget 23.07.23
BBQ Collage 1.jpg
BBQ Collage 2.jpg
Sunday Morning Walking Group July 16, 2023.jpg
Guest Speaker July 2023 Michael Kouznetsoff - 1.jpg
2023-07 New Member Brian Wilson.jpg
Drinks & Appies Social June 23,2023.jpg
Centra Windows 2023-06-15.jpg
Alyn Edwards Classic Car Collection 2023-05-25 - post.jpg
Percy Smith on his 100th Birthday.jpg
2023-05 New Member Paul Beaumont.jpg
2023-05 New Member Bob Mack.jpg
Past Presidents Lunch 2023-04-20.jpg
Walking group April 23.jpg
Speaker 2023-03-08 Ashley Gowanlock, Paralympic athlete.jpg
New Member Ernie Fuller 2023-03-08.jpg
New Member Michael Kouznetsoff 2023-03-08.jpg
Mixed Walking Group March 5, 2023 at Nico Wynd Dike-post.jpg
Drinks & Appies 2023-02-24 photo 1.jpg
Drinks & Appies 2023-02-24 photo 2.jpg
           Drinks & Appies - Feb 24, 2023 
Investment grp 3.jpg
investment grp 2.jpg
Investment Group - Feb 20, 2023 Monthly Meeting
Activity photos
Welcome Mark Wilson.jpg
welcome Roy Vine.jpg
New Members Roy Vine, Rob MacWilliam and Clark Wilson ar welcomed to the Club at the Feb 8 Monthly Meeting
appies Jan 27 23.jpg
January 27 2023 Appies Social
Appies Nov 22 1.jpg
appies nov 22 2.jpg
November 25 22 Appies and Drinks Social
Gerry Burns Life Member.jpg
Gerry Burns Is Awarded Life Membership October 2022
Ocean Park 23 Oct 2022.jpg
Ocean Park Walk October 23 2022
Appies Aug 26 1.jpg
Appies aug 26 2.jpg
August 26 Drinks & Appies Social
Winery 2.jpg
winery 1.jpg
August 4 2022 Tour and Tasting at Backyard Vineyards Langley 
2022 golf 2a.JPG
2022 golf 4.JPG
The 2022 Golf Tournament, won by Brian was held on July 28 at Surrey Golf Club
See more photos in the August Newsletter
appies july 22 2 m.jpg
appies july 22 1 m.jpg
July 22 Drinks and Appis social
Platinum Jubilee Medal 1.jpg
The Club recognizes Percy and George for their Platimum Jubilee Medals
Appies jun 25 1a.jpg
appies Jun 25 2.jpg
June 24 Drinks and Appies Social
Steve Badge.jpg
Brian Sullivan is awarded his past presidents Badge
Mar 22 coffee morning.jpg
Coffee Mornings are more than just coffee
Dick Backer LM Badge.jpg
Dick Baker recieves his Life member Badge
Appies Mar 25 1.jpg
Appies Mar 25 2.jpg
Appies Social Mar 25 2022
Mar 29 coed walk & bbq 2.jpg
Mar 20 coed walk and BBQ 1.jpg
Spring Coed walk and BBQ Mar 20 2022
Past presidents lunceon Mar 2022.JPG
Past Presidents Lunch - March 17, 2022
!000 steps Walk Feb 20 22.jpg
1000 Steps Feb 20 22
Appies 1.jpg
Feb 25 22 Appies Social
Camp Valley Jan 2022.jpg
Campbell Valley Jan 16 22
Mud Bay Feb 13 2022.jpg
Mud Bay Feb 13 2022
walking grp dec 26 3 (2).jpg
“The Hardy Seven” out for a Boxing Day walk.
walking grp dec 26 1 (2).jpg
walking grp dec 26 2 (2).jpg
WWG Dec 15 21.jpg
Wanderers Walk Derby Reach to Fort Langley Dec 15 21
Slideshow - First Probus Appies Social Nov 26 
Nov 24 Morning Coffee (2).JPG
Nov 24 Morning Coffee
Walking group Oct 31_edited.jpg
Haloween coed walk Oct 31 2021
October 13 General Meeting at the Rotary Fieldhouse
Probus - Wanderers Oct 6, 2021_edited.jpg
Probus Wanderers Oct 6 2021
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