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Winery Tour  August 2022



The Club organizes Annual and Ad Hoc events and they are communicated to the membership via announcements at General meetings and emails to the membership.  Ladies welcome to all these events except where noted.


Annual Events include:

The Golf Tournament (members only)

The Summer BBQ

The Christmas Lunch see below 

Upcoming Tours & Events:

Save the Date: 10:30 am June 16, 2023

Tour the Centra Windows Manufacturing Plant

in Langley

See how different types and styles of Windows and Glass Doors are made. 

If planning on attending, indicate on this LINK

These events are organized and communicated by the Management Committee Activities Coordinator.  Registration and payment for some events will be required.  See below for events currently scheduled.

Suggestions for events should be directed to John Payne, Activities Coordinator.

other activities
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